Brighton Subculture in the Mid-1990s Through Amazing Photos

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Many people wished they could bring back a different kind of celebration from their time in Brighton in the 1990s where their favorite pubs and clubs have since closed down.

Brighton subculture in the mid-1990s
The Zap club and parties on the beach. The Zap, located within the King’s Road arches, is currently branded as The Arch. Acid house filled the venue for most of the 90s, making it a popular place to go for people partying in Brighton.
While many people missed things from the 1990s, others looked deeper into the Brighton’s past to find the things they wanted to see return to the city. These photos were taken by The Quaffer that show the alternative scene in Brighton in 1994.
“We’re not Goths!” Ayng and Jenny, white-faced in the Prince George, Trafalgar Street, 30th July 1994

“An individual” in the beer garden of the Hobgoblin, July 1994

Alistair in Brighton Square, The Lanes, August 1994

At the Richmond, August 1994

At the Richmond, August 1994

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