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Woman weds 300-year-old pirate ghost, former CIA agents find Pablo Escobar’s lost submarine, reporter uncovers last American slave ship.

Woman Marries 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost

Ghost Marriage

NewsweekAmanda Teague, the woman who married a 300-year-old ghost.

An Irish woman made headlines last week, after revealing that she had married the ghost of a 300-year-old Haitian pirate.

Amanda Teague, 45 years old and unbothered by the 255 year age difference, married the ghost of Jack Teague, a Haitian pirate who allegedly sailed the seven seas in the early 1700s. Ironically, Mrs. Teague works as a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator in Ireland.

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Pablo Escobar’s Drug Submarine Found Off Coast Of Colombia

Escobar Box

YouTubeThe box found at the scene, that likely fell from the submarine.

After years of searching, one of Pablo Escobar‘s famed drug-smuggling submarines has been found.

Former CIA agents Doug Laux and Ben Smith reportedly located the submarine off the coast of Colombia (the exact location has not been disclosed) and have been sending divers down in the hopes of locating Escobar’s rumored $50 billion fortune.

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The Last American Slave Ship May Have Just Been Found

Clotilda Wreck

AL.comThe wreckage found by Raines, who claims that it is the long lost Clotilda

Thanks to a little amateur sleuthing, a local news reporter in Alabama may have uncovered a long-lost part of American history.

Ben Raines, a reporter with, spent hours listening to accounts from local old-timers and pouring over historical records in an attempt to locate the Clotilda, the last American slave ship known to have brought cargo – that is, living human beings like Cudjo Lewis – back to the U.S.

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