The 1964 New York World’s Fair Through Found Color Photos

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The 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair held over 140 pavilions, 110 restaurants, for 80 nations (hosted by 37), 24 US states, and over 45 corporations to build exhibits or attractions at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens, NY with numerous pools or fountains, and an amusement park with rides near the lake.

Ran for two six-month seasons, April 22 – October 18, 1964, and April 21 – October 17, 1965, the fair is noted as a showcase of mid-20th-century American culture and technology. The nascent Space Age, with its vista of promise, was well represented.

More than 51 million people attended the fair, though fewer than the hoped-for 70 million. It remains a touchstone for many American Baby Boomers, who visited the optimistic fair as children before the turbulent years of the Vietnam War, cultural changes, and increasing domestic violence associated with the Civil Rights Movement.

Take a look at these fascinating photos from ElectroSpark to see the activities at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

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