The Glamour of Train Travel: 40 Vintage Photos Show How Glamorous Train Travel Used to Be From the Early 20th Century

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Traveling by train was pretty swanky from the early 20th century, and it hasn’t gone out of style. Still, the lavish furnishings and fine dining of the past hold a special place in the railroad’s rich history. Here’s what train travel looked like in the good old days.

Two female passengers eating a meal in a London & North Western Railway dining car, 1905.

LNWR dining car on an American boat train, 1908.

Interior of a luxury dining car, 1910.

A first-class dining car on the Britain’s Great Eastern Railway—also known as GER, as shown on the embroidered seat cover, 1912.

The observation and lounge car on Northern Pacific’s transcontinental U.S. railroad line, 1926.

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