The First Lesbian Lover Selfies Ever Taken, ca. 1900

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The ‘photobooth’ has been a fad for a long time now. You’ll be surprised to know that the first self portrait vending machine or photobooth have been in existence since 1883, which was introduced by Percival Everett.

It seems photobooth selfies have been a craze since the early Edwardian era. They were commonly found at sea resorts. According to Glamourdaze, the first set of images found by Walter Plotnick is a touching collection of selfies by a young lesbian couple in the early 1900s.

The secrecy of the photobooth allowed people to create secret keepsakes for themselves. They also captured a spontaneity that is rarely seen in early photography of women. The photos above are probably the first lesbian lover selfies ever taken.

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