Studio Portrait of Actress Olga Ilić by Milan Jovanović, 1900

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Upper body shot of Olga Ilić. She is wearing the see-through costume of Śakuntalā from Kalidasa’s ancient Hindu drama “The Recognition of Śakuntalā”.

This picture is considered the first semi-nude photograph in Serbia. Olga Ilić, later Ilić-Hristilić (1880, Thessaloniki – 1945, Belgrade), was a famous Serbian actress. She was born the illegitimate daughter of Marija Gašparović and a Frenchman. Mother and daughter moved to Niš after Olga’s father had died. In Niš Olga started her acting career at the age of fourteen and pursued it as a travelling actress and playing at different theaters throughout the Balkans (e.g., Belgrade, Novi Sad, Leskovac, Niš, Skopje).

(© Muzej Pozorišne Umetnosti Srbije/ Museum of Theater Art of Serbia)

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