Small Town Life of Sunnfjord, Norway in the Early 20th Century Through Amazing Photos

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Sunnfjord is a traditional district in Western Norway located in Vestland county. It includes the municipalities of Askvoll, Fjaler, Flora, Førde, Gaular, Jølster, Naustdal, and the southernmost parts of Bremanger. It covers an area of about 4,476 square kilometres (1,728 sq mi) and has a population about 8% of the population of Vestland county.

Life of Sunnfjord, Norway in the early 20th century

The central geographical characteristic of the Sunnfjord region are the fjords: Dalsfjorden and Førdefjorden. It is a tourist region, with waterfalls, fishing, white-water rafting, glaciers, hiking, and scenery–including Jostedalsbreen National Park.

The area was the site of the largest air battle over Norway during World War II, and a museum is dedicated to the event in Naustdal. There are two airports in Sunnfjord: Førde Airport, Bringeland, just outside the town of Førde, and Florø Airport, just outside the town of Florø. The European route E39 highway passes through the region, going north and south.

These amazing photos from Fylkesarkivet i Vestland were taken by Norwegian photographer Olai Fauske that show small town life of Sunnfjord, Norway in the 1900s and 1910s.

A group of people gathered outside Bakkeselet mountain hut at Brulandsstølen mountain farm

A game of croquetAdd caption

A group of people gathered outside Steinaselet mountain hut at Halbrendsstølen monutain farm

A halibut was caught close to Bjønnaholmen in the fjord Førdefjorden

A man and a horse portrayed at Teigen in Førde. The house in the background is Kristian Ulltang’s kome “Nøysomhet” (moderation). Photographer Olai Fauske was UIltangs neighbour

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