Scene Inside a New Zealand Railway Carriage, ca. 1920s

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Interior of a railway carriage, showing several items of New Zealand Railways picnic equipment.

A woman is seated on the right, wearing a hat, and a coat with fur collar and cuffs. A young girl is standing on the seat on the left. They are both looking out the window.

The seats are button-backed, and on the left is a NZR luncheon hamper, and several brochures advertising New Zealand Railways. On the fold-out table beneath the window there are a thermos flask, a glass, and a set of crockery, all bearing the NZR logo. On the wall above the window is a poster advertising the wares of Collinson and Cunninghame (drapers of Palmerston North).

(Photo by Albert Percy Godber / Godber Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library)

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