Collapsible Bike Trailer Has Comfortable Bunk for Camper, 1935

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A collapsible bicycle trailer which can be converted into comfortable sleeping quarters has been built by Joseph Dorocke, 25-year-old Chicago youth, in 1935. With it he intends to make an 8-months bicycle tour of America, retiring at night in his ingenious sleeping compartment.

Joseph Dorocke of Chicago is shown asleep in his home-made bicycle trailer, 1935. When traveling, the extended compartment slides into the compact four-foot “pullman” box.

The trailer resembles a box camera with an extended bellows. Ready for travel, the 50-pound outfit measures only four feet long and two feet square. It is supported on the road by two standard bicycle wheels.
When an inner compartment is pulled out, the enclosed bed extends to eight feet, furnishing sufficient space for the average person. The roof is hinged and may be closed in case of adverse weather.

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