Chile 1988: Year of the Plebiscite and the Defeat of Pinochet

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The 1988 Chilean national plebiscite was a national referendum held on October 5, 1988 to determine whether Chile’s de facto leader, Augusto Pinochet, should extend his rule for another eight years through 1996. The “No” side won with nearly 56% of the vote, thus ending Pinochet’s fifteen and a half years in power.

Chile in 1988
The fact that the dictatorship respected the results is attributed to pressure from big business, the international community and unease with extended rule by Pinochet within the dictatorship.
These amazing photos were taken by Marcelo Montecino that show what life in Chile looked like in 1988.
Ancud. Pescadores, 1988

Cartagena, 1988

Chiloe. Abalone fisherman, 1988

Chiloe. Abalone fishermen, 1988

Chiloe. Fisherman, 1988

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