“Breastypes! What’s Yours?” – This Crazy Little 1940’s Dirty Pocket Comic Has to Be a One-of-a-Kind Find

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“A flimsy wisp of gossamer
Sheltering shapes we hold so dear
Behold the truth and shed no tear
These are the facts ’neath the Brassiere”

Scarce male objectifier’s glossary! Unsurprisingly, no copies located anywhere. No publication information whatsoever, as standard with racy or pornographic ephemera.

Funny, some might say also offensive, labeling of different shapes and sizes of women’s breasts. We have the “Hot Water Bottles”, “Sweet Potatoes”, “Ukeleles”, “Full Moons”, “Cup Cakes”, and onward – twenty in all. Also taking aim at various female types.

Like it or abhor it, this is a genuine relic of mid-20th century burlesque-like culture, and we suspect in fact that this might have been a souvenir from a sleazy theater showcasing ecdysiastic cheesecake and ribald comedians.

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