Before They Were Famous: 13 Celebrities Who Shared Their Early Headshots

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These celebrities had only dreams of stardom in their hearts back when these photos were taken. Take a look at these classic throwbacks of stars such as Chris Pratt, Hilary Duff, and Joe Manganiello before they were famous and just trying to make it big.

1. Jimmy Fallon

Years before he was playing beer pong with A-list talent on late night, the talk show host was a guy with a bad haircut, questionable threads, and dreams of stardom. In 1992, the year this was taken, the future Saturday Night Live player was an average college student, who was more interested in doing standup gigs on the weekends. Things worked out nicely for young Jimmy. (Photo: Instagram)

2. Jamie Lee Curtis

The Scream Queens star, who has been in the biz for nearly 40 years, shared her “first headshot,” which was taken during what she described as an “easier time” (aka before Donald Trump was elected president). “Hated my ‘different’ name, so [I] chose my middle one,” she wrote. “Nothing came from it.” Curtis, who comes from Hollywood royalty (Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh are here parents) went on to say, “Perhaps some need to be seen, feeling as most middle/high school students feel, unseen and paling in comparison. Happy today to know what I want and don’t want and that I have a voice and idea and I can express it,” adding a “#democratforlife” tag at the end. (Photo: Instagram)

3. Chris Pratt

We don’t have to poke fun of the Guardians of the Galaxy actor for this circa 2000 shot, which gives us vibes of Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon. He made fun of himself. “The name’s Douchemaster McChest and this is my first headshot. You’re welcome.” Two long years later, the future star of Parks and Recreation landed a role in Everwoodfollowed by a part in The O.C. — and the rest, as they say, is history. (Photo: Twitter)

4. Naomi Watts

This headshot of the future Oscar nominee was taken by her brother, Ben Watts, around 1995. It led to David Lynch casting her in 2001’s Mulholland Drive. “It started with this pic,” Watts wrote. “He searches through piles of photos and picks 3 or 4 he wants to meet. I got real lucky.” (Photo: Instagram)

5. John Stamos

And a signed one at that! Here’s the Scream Queens star giving you his best — and some awesome ’80s hair. (Photo: Instagram)

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