Amazing Photos Capture Fashionable Ladies Posing With Their Cars in the 1930s

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A set of amazing photos were found by Vintage Cars & People that shows fashionable ladies posing with their cars in the 1930s.

An elegant lady posing on the running board of a two-tone Lancia in the countryside, circa 1930

A blonde lady in a white dress posing on the bumper of a 1930 Oldsmobile Six, adorned with an aftermarket propeller hood ornament, circa 1930

A middle-aged lady posing with a Citroën C6 in front of an impressive piece of Art nouveau architecture, possibly a spa building or sanatorium, circa 1930

A cheerful lady posing in the driver’s seat of a fashionable two-tone Opel 1,8 Liter Sonnen-Coupé, circa 1931

A fashionable lady posing on the fender of a 1929 Chrysler in a suburban street on a sunny winter’s day, January 1931

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