35 Portraits and Stills of Esther Ralston From ‘Fashions for Women’ (1927)

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Fashions for Women is a lost 1927 American drama silent film directed by Dorothy Arzner and written by Paul Armont, Jules Furthman, Percy Heath, Herman J. Mankiewicz, Léopold Marchand and George Marion, Jr..

The film stars Esther Ralston, Raymond Hatton, Einar Hanson, Edward Martindel, William Orlamond and Agostino Borgato. It is a social comedy about a cigarette girl, Lulu, who falls in love with a count while finding success as a fashion model.
The film was released on March 26, 1927, by Paramount Pictures.
Here below is a set of fabulous photos that shows portraits and stills of Esther Ralston while filming Fashions for Women in 1927.

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