25 Amazing Photos Show British Women’s Work During WWI

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At the time of the First World War, most women were barred from voting or serving in military combat roles. Many saw the war as an opportunity to not only serve their countries but to gain more rights and independence.

British women’s work during WWI

With millions of men away from home, women filled manufacturing and agricultural positions on the home front. Others provided support on the front lines as nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, translators and, in rare cases, on the battlefield.

A set of amazing photos from UBC Library Digitization Centre that shows British women’s work during the First World War.

British woman winding cotton from spools on to rollers at lace factory in Nottingham

British women aeroplane workers near Birmingham welding frame tugs for planes

British women cleaning locomotive in Midlands

British women glass workers in a factory in Lancashire – Plaster house workers

British women glass workers

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