Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo: Hear Franzl Lang Yodeling!

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If you ever wondered what a yodeling master sounds like, well… this is it.


Franz Lang (December 28, 1930 – December 6, 2015), known as the “Yodel King,” was an alpine yodeller from Bavaria, Germany. Lang also sang and played the guitar and the accordion and appeared in several German films. Lang’s genre is German folk music; he typically sang in the Bavarian dialect of the rural Alpine regions.

Raised in Munich, Lang trained as a toolmaker. He started playing his trademark accordion at the age of nine. His greatest hit was his 1968 recording of Karl Ganzer’s composition “Das Kufsteiner Lied.” Throughout the 1970s, he was a permanent feature of musical variety shows on West German television, especially on the ZDF program Lustige Musikanten.
Lang has sold more than 10 million recordings; he has earned 20 gold records and one platinum record within the German recording industry. On his 70th birthday, he performed for the final time.

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