Vintage Mobile Home Kitchen Designs From the Late 1950s and 1960s

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The late 1950s and early 1960s was a successful time for mobile homes. Record sales were broken year after year, and waiting lists for buyers were a common occurrence.

There are several reasons why the manufacturers enjoyed high sales and record profits during this time. One of the main reasons was the countries healthy economy. The nation was experiencing a dramatic growth – the big wars were over, the factories were hiring and the middle class was thriving. Two generations were leading the sales; retirees and young couples that had just enough credit to buy a new mobile home. Each group wanted the latest trends and modern conveniences but at an affordable price and mobile homes gave them exactly what they wanted.

The builders also played a large role in their own success. They focused on offering the consumers the latest trends and endless options. There were so many mobile home builders in the nation that the competitive market required the companies to continuously offer bigger and better homes just to stay in business. They had to offer new and improved, year after year and before their competitors did. ‘Cutthroat’ was one industry insider’s word to describe it. Fortunately, most of them met the demand with unique designs and original floor plans. Every year a completely new design or style was added to the lineup. If one builder released a new floor plan, three other builders would offer the same within the year. It was a cutthroat industry, but it was all-American, and the designs that came from that era are still popular more than half a century later.

The Standard Straight Line Mobile Home Kitchen

The inline or straight line kitchen was the most typical design found in mobile homes since the first modern home was wheeled out of the factory. It was situated close to the middle of the home and often separated the living room from the sleeping quarters. It had the entire kitchen on one side of the home so that the other side could be used for dining. The front door was often positioned close.

Below are several straight line kitchens from 1955 to 1959. A small dining area usually set on one side and a continuous kitchen on the other side. A small built-in cabinet usually separated the kitchen from the living room.

Silver Star Mobile Home Kitchen, 1955

Straight Line Kitchen – American Mobile Home Corporation, 1955

American Coach Kitchen – American President Model

Straight Line Kitchen in an Anderson Mobile Home, 1959

VIP by General Mobile Home Kitchen, 1959

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