The World’s First Car Accidents Ever

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If you are a car lover you have probably asked yourself many times: “When, where and how was the first accident ever?”

If we talk about the first steamed engine it happened in 1869 when Irish scientist Mary Ward and a woman was driving and when she rounded a curve on the road she felt off of her seat, was hit by engine’s wheel which broke her neck and killed her.

First gasoline powered car accident happened in Ohio in 1891. The engineer James Lambert was driving himself and his friend when the car hit a tree root sticking out of the ground. Lambert lost control and the vehicle hit the hitching post leaving both men with minor injuries.

Portrait of John W. Lambert and view of Lambert and two passengers posing in a Lambert car. Handwritten on front: “J.W. Lambert, 1909. Buckeye Mfg. Co. J.H. [undecipherable], 1908. J.H.C. in Lambert friction drive en route to Bay City. 30 + 3 clincher tires. Removable toneau [sic].” Handwritten on back: “Lambert, John W.”

In 1896 there was a first recorded pedestrian involved in a car accident. Bridget Driscoll step out on the road and was struck and killed by a gas powered car driven by Arthur Edsall. The car was driving on top speed of 4 miles per hour and Driscoll was frozen in place because of what she was seeing so the collision was inevitable.

The first driver death in car accident happened in1898 when a man and his son were driving from Brighton to London. Near the end of their trip, father lost his control while driving down a hill. They crashed through the fence and the driver was thrown from the seat and injured his leg. The surgeons had to amputate his leg while his son was not even injured. After the operation he remained unconscious and died the next day.

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