Remember New York: 50 Fascinating Snaps That Capture Street Scenes of Lower Manhattan in 1980

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Lower Manhattan, also known as Downtown Manhattan or Downtown New York, is the southernmost part of Manhattan, the central borough for business, culture, and government in the City of New York, which itself originated at the southern tip of Manhattan Island in 1624, at a point which now constitutes the present-day Financial District.

These fascinating snapshots from Ed Sijmons that show what Lower Manhattan looked like in 1980.

6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) with taxis and far away Empire State Building

6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas)

A 1951 Pontiac Chieftain in Orchard Street

Advertising, wallpainting, vans on Delancey Street near The Bowery

Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) and West 8th Street, looking east

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