Rare and Amazing Photographs of David Bowie Wandering Around Singapore in 1983

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The Serious Moonlight Tour was launched in May 1983 in support of David Bowie’s album Let’s Dance; 15 countries visited, 96 performances, and over 2.6M tickets sold. The tour garnered mostly favorable reviews from the press. It was, at the time, his longest, largest and most successful concert tour to date, although it has since been surpassed in length, attendance and gross revenue by subsequent Bowie tours.

Stopping by Singapore to perform at the former Singapore National Stadium, David Bowie had a bit of time to roam around the country and even chronicled his adventures — talking to taxi drivers, making new friends with Chinese opera performers, learning about Singapore’s 70s rock culture through a local journalist, and even nearly getting in trouble with a shopping mall security guard in town.

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