Project MKUltra And The Plot To Defeat The Soviets With Mind Control

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From LSD to hypnosis to self-deprivation tanks, the real events of Project MKUltra were wilder than any movie or TV show could ever depict.

MKUltra File

Wikimedia Commons One of the declassified MKUltra documents, with some info redacted.

The CIA maintains that they never set out to hurt anybody.

Their plan for Project MKUltra had been to research, observe, and ultimately find a way to gain a military advantage over the Soviet Union by creating something that no one else had.

But somewhere down the line, something was compromised. Mostly, moral integrity. The goal of research had turned dark, and the most horrendous experiments, meant to be hypothetical, started to become real. Human beings were dragged into the plan, most of the time without their consent.

No one was supposed to know. The project was treated with such secrecy that it was given multiple code names and all the records pertaining to it were destroyed by the director of the CIA himself.

In 1977, the documents were ordered to be released, though all that remained were 20,000 documents, recovered only because they had been incorrectly filed in a financial records building.

From the files, a very small percentage of the original records, researchers have been able to gain a small amount of insight into what is arguably one of the largest and most heinous government coverups of all time.

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