Nun in a Miniskirt, 1969

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November 1969: The fact that Sister Joann Malone of the Order of Loreto was protesting wasn’t particularly big news, but the fact that she was wearing a miniskirt as she did so was front-page news.

Sydney Morning Herald – Nov 21, 1969

Decatur Herald – Nov 20, 1969

Her superior, Sister Rose Maureen Sanders, head of the St. Louis province of the Sisters of Loreto, wasn’t too happy about the fashion decision. From a follow-up article:

Sister Rose said she feels that Sister Joanne, from her earnings on speaking engagements, could have paid to purchase a longer skirt.

“I regretted the photo when I saw it in newspapers here and thought her wearing a miniskirt was ridiculous,” said the provincial superior.

“It’s an aberration on her part. Many, many sisters are wearing modern clothes but would not choose a miniskirt. Why do the newspapers print things like that?”

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