Hong Kong in the 1970s Through Fascinating Color Photos

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Hong Kong in the 1970s underwent many changes that shaped its future, led for most of the decade by its longest-serving and reform-minded Governor, Murray MacLehose. Economically, it reinvented itself from a manufacturing base into a financial centre.

Companies were also seeking well educated employees for complex projects. Seventy-two percent of overseas graduates between 1962 and 1976 would come back to Hong Kong to take on highly skilled domestic positions.

The 1970s was when Hong Kong gained daily news broadcasts. News programmes ranked in the top 10 continuously for a decade. 66% of the population tuned in regularly covering 2 to 3 million viewers nightly.

Hong Kong also found itself at a unique geographical and cultural crossroads. Many of the western artists like Elvis Presley and The Beatles were getting exposure in the music industry. Toys from Japan have arrived in Hong Kong via random and inconsistent shipments in the past.

These fascinating photos from Ralf K that show what Hong Kong looked like in the 1970s.

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Aberdeen Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong

A Village in New Territories, Hong Kong

Cable Car System, Ocean Park, Hong Kong

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