Gorgeous Vintage Color Snapshots of London in the ‘60s

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Some of these photographs were taken when the photographer was just 13 years old, with a Halina PET camera and Ektachrome film. He lived in Byfleet, a village lies around 20 miles from the center of London. From 1971 to 1987, he frequently visited the capital city by train.

Most of these pictures were captured using Ektachrome film. Initially developed in the early 1940s, it allowed professionals and amateurs alike to process their own films. Ektachrome has a distinctive look that became familiar to many readers of National Geographic, which used it extensively for color photographs for decades in settings where Kodachrome was too slow.

Take a look at these gorgeous Ektachrome snapshots of London in the sixties. For more fascinating vintage pictures, check out the photographer’s Flickr site.

Piccadilly Circus, North side, 1962

Piccadilly Circus, West side, 1962

Piccadilly Circus at night, 1962

Victoria Embankment from Westminster Bridge, 1962

Big Ben across Westminster Bridge, 1962

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