From Rock to Gospel, 18 Weird Album Cover Artworks To Downright Crazy!

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The art of the album cover isn’t what it was. Indeed, now that most of us download or stream our music, there’s precious little need for any album artwork whatsoever.

Back in the day, part of the ritual of getting a new vinyl record was studying the cover, reading the sleeve notes, the lyrics…

In tribute to the golden era of album covers, here are 18 that are best left here: in the past.

1. White people. Man. No wonder so many of them are racists. They’ve got faff all else going for them.

2. Do you know what the cover needs? A badly-drawn Mickey Mouse and a floating cartoon fetus…

3. The shakers break it all… Specifically, laws pertaining to copyright infringement and identity theft.

4. In which maximum impact was achieved by getting Rod the sod to dress up as an aids awareness ribbon.

5. Mate, they’re right in front of you.

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