Fascinating Vintage Pictures Show Victorian Female Fighters Got in the Ring for Fun and Freedom

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These vintage photos reveal the bizarre history of female boxing where women fought their opponents in full Victorian dress. With no rules governing the sport, women’s boxing in the 19th century had a reputation for being fierce and bloody.

Two women box in an undisclosed location.

The Carlson sisters, known as the Wrestling Fat Girls, they would put on a boxing match for paying customers, circa 1925.

Hattie Madders (right), winner of the Most Scary Woman in the UK title in 1883 was the only woman to hold the boxing heavyweight championship of the world title. Nicknamed ‘The Mad Hatter’ she allegedly won the belt in 1883, stopping Scottish pugilist Wee Willy Harris in the first round of their bout.

Bessie and Minnie Gordon, known as the Gordon sisters, they would tour theaters in the USA to show off their sparring and punching skills.

The Bennett Sisters, who boxed and wrestled for crowds as a Vaudeville Act, taken between 1910 – 1915, USA.

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