Fantastic Vintage Color Photos of New York City in the Late 1970s

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Manel Armengo is a Spanish photographer. He studied journalism in Barcelona and has been doing photojournalism independently since 1971. Armengo was among the photographs who made photographic reports of the social movements against Franco in his last years of government. 
In 1976, Armengo captured the violent police charge against the peaceful demonstration that took place during the Spanish transition in Barcelona, for which he received the photography award from Flash magazine.
In 1977 and 1978 Armengo came to New York, which was considered a dangerous city at the time, as visitors were advised to always remain in Mid-Town, stay at home after 6 pm and be alert and ready for fight or flight. 
Take a look back at the city in the late 1970s through these 33 fascinating vintage photographs taken by Armengo:

Yellow cabs

Barrio Latino

Barrio Latino

Women and children in Harlem


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