Famous Cat Lovers: Classic Stars and Cats in the Limelight

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Since the very beginning of film, the furry felines have been at the sides of actors and actresses on screen, captivated the heart of the audiences. There was even a time when Hollywood studios softened the stars of the Golden Age by posing them with animals. Many film celebrities, musicians are known to have the penchant for cats. Here is a collection of classic stars photographed with the felines, some are pets and some are strays:

Ava Gardner holding her Siamese cat, 1946.

Anthony Perkins playing with a kitty, 1958.

Anthony Perkins giving some ice cream to his Siamese cat, ‘Banjo,’ 1950s.

An early photo of Bette Davis when she was 14, 1922. Photo from Bettmann Archive.

Bette Davis with Lonesome the kitten, April 1943.

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