Coal miner in his home in Sessa Hill, Scotts Run, West Virginia, 1937

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This picture was taken at the natural supper hour, 19 March 1937. The man is a mine mechanic who installed all kinds of machinery. At first he refused to be photographed and cursed us and the government and the coal operators as being entertained by his minery.

“As we talked to him he showed us six statements which he held in five different bankrupt mines on Scott’s Run. He had not been paid his last pay in any bankruptcy.” – Federal Works Agency. Work Projects Administration. National Research Project.

Notice the walls have been patched with newspaper to keep out drafts. The children appear all barefoot. Today people know “miners” through The Hunger Games only. This is a picture which still shows affection, perhaps closeness, and you wish you knew more about the people and what happened to them.

(Photo by Lewis Hine)

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