Classic Actors on Vinyl Covers

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If you’re a talented, successful actor, why on Earth make a fool of yourself with an LP of your off-key warblings? Vanity. That’s why. If you were making enough money, you could do anything!

Sure there were some good ones, Brigett Bardot’s LPs are kind of fun, and Williams Shatner’s is unintentionally hilarious. But Telly Savalas? Adam West? Ted Cassidy as TV’s Lurch? And John Travolta (Battlefield Earth) had a No 1 hit single with “Let Her In”, Eddy Murphy (The Klumpps) did pretty well with “My Girl Likes to Party All the Time.”

Ted Cassidy – The Lurch

Jayne Mansfield – Snicksnack, Snuckelchen

Adam West – Miranda

Vincent Price – Presents Great Paintings by…

Jack Kerouac (Author of On the Road) – Blues and Haikus

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