Car Served as Stamp Album, 1936

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By making the exterior of his car serve as his album, Ed “600” Hadley of Casper, Wyoming, has assembled one of the world’s strangest postage-stamp exhibits in 1936. His daughter and her friends worked for six weeks to plaster the machine with the 10,000-odd specimens, which are covered with a protective coat of varnish to shield them from the weather and hardships of the road.

Ed used his 1936 Oldsmobile as a way of publicizing his business, The Palms Ice Cream & Floral Company. He later paid the girls to remove the stamps after using the promotional vehicle for a year. Ed Hadley was known to go to great lengths to promote his business. Once, he was tackled by the Secret Service while running up to the President’s motorcade with a large bouquet of flowers from his shop.

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