Beautiful Fashion Photography by Jerry Schatzberg

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Jerry Schatzberg is notably known for his iconic and intimate portraits of famous figures, for example, the defining cover of Blonde and Blonde featuring a scowling Bob Dylan. However, before that sudden switch, Schatzberg was a fashion photographer, trained by the famous Alexey Brodovitch. Here are some of his shots taken for magazines such as Vogue, Esquire, Glamour and McCall’s during the ‘50s and ‘60s:

On a tricycle, photographer William ‘Bill’ Helburn peddles Italian actress and model Elsa Martinelli, who rides in an attached cart, across Park Ave South, New York, 1954.

Model Colin Fox, in a tuxedo, and an unidentified female model, in a black, backless dress, share a bottle of champagne in Central Park, New York, 1956.

Low-angle view of two models as they talk together in a waiting room at Idlewild Airport (later renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport), Queens, New York, 1957. The photo was part of a shoot for Vogue magazine.

Outside of the Bergdorf Goodman clothing store, a woman in a black fur hat and fur-trimmed coat hails a taxi as pedestrians walk past and window shop, New York, 1958.

Portrait of Cynthia O’Neal and Anne St. Marie, both in white fur hats and black dresses, as they sit at a table under a window through which a boy watches, New York, July 21, 1958.

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