Amazing Found Photos Show Interior of a French House in the 1920s

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Someone took a series of glass negatives of rooms and furniture in a French house. Not the usual ones, where the family sits around the table or the woman of the house arranges flowers in a vase.

Interior of a French house in the 1920s

In this haunting photographs open cupboards reveal their untidy content and worn-out armchairs stand in contrast to antiques and elaborate clocks. Someone left his clothes on a chair in the bathroom. A storage room is cluttered with discarded stuff and the cellar is filled with dusty wine bottles.

Apart from a few framed photographs on a cupboard, there is no living creature to be seen, only the testimonies of their presence. Merely in one of the negatives the blurred ghostlike appearance of a dog passing by the camera can be made out.

In some pictures from Wolfgang Wiggers, the objects seem to be arranged. Buckets, which appear to be randomly standing around, appear in a different arrangement in other views.

Take a walk through this house, there are a lot of things to discover.

The attic

The bathroom

The bedroom

The entrance

The linen closet

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