Amazing Found Photos Document Daily Life of a German Family in Edwardian England

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This album was found at a German fleamarket several years ago by Wolfgang Wiggers. It contains many large size prints which were commercially available at the beginning of the 20th century. But more interesting are a couple of small sized snapshots of daily life in the Edwardian England.

The name of the owner does not appear in the album, but due to the captions, it can be assumed it was a young German woman that lived and worked in England between 1894 and 1910. She has lived in Bristol together with a family called Herring.

“One of my friends was able to find their house that is still standing. In 1900, it was called St. Ivans. Today it is Downleaze 5.”

From the beach, Brighton, March 14th-25th, 1895

A trip to Sea Mills, Bristol in August 1899

Outdoor teatime, Bradford-on-Avon, August 1901

Hilda and Mabel Herring in the garden of St. Ivans, Bristol, September 1902

A lady’s bedroom in 1903

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