60 Vintage Photos That Prove That We All Were Cooler When We Were Kids

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As kids, we all had a dream to be super cool when we grow up. But if you ever have the time to browse through some of your old photo albums, you’ll notice the opposite. You probably were much cooler as a child then what you are now!

Sure, you were more adorable than cool, but it was your own unique style of coolness. Bored Panda’s users shared their childhood pictures and bring those old days back.

1. “Me And My Pink Bike, 1986.”

2. “Found This Picture Of Me And My Pet Raccoon Fishing Together. He’d Wait For Me To Catch And Reel In A Fish So He Could Grab It And Eat It. Late 1980s.”

3. “Me Back In 1991. Just Your Typical Aussie Kid Drinking XXXXLight Beer (I Wasn’t Aloud Heavies Back Then) And Holding A Baby Crocodile.”

4. “My Father Took A Picture Of Me After My First Girlfriend Punched Me In The Eye, 1991.”

5. “I Think This Pic Of Me Really Sums Up What It Was Like To Be A Kid In The Early 90s.”

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