50 Amazing Photos Capture Street Scenes of Paris Around 1900

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Born in 1857, in Libourne near Bordeaux and raised by his uncle, Eugène Atget’s youth was molded by his time as a sailor. Upon his return from the sea, Atget turned to the stage and pursued an acting career in provincial cities and later in Paris suburbs.

After minor success as an actor, Atget abandoned the stage and at the age of forty took up painting, then quickly turned to his true life’s work as a photographer.

For the next thirty years, until just a few short months before his death in 1927, Atget undertook a systematic documentation of the city of Paris, creating approximately five thousand negatives and nearly ten thousand prints.

Because he refused to work with the latest advances in photographic technology, Atget’s images evoke a sense of timelessness, due in part to the slower exposure times and the pre-visualization of the final image that was required.

Atget carried his large camera around Paris as he worked to document its essential elements: streets, shop windows, building facades, architectural details, and the landscape of the public gardens and parks in and around the city.

Atget’s unique documentation of the French capital captured the eye of surrealist photographer Man Ray who worked to promote Atget as one of the pre-eminent photographic modernists. Later, the efforts of Berenice Abbott, who acquired Atget’s negatives and prints after his death, finally situated Atget’s work in the history of photography where it continues to gain in stature and influence.

George Eastman House holds approximately 500 prints by Eugène Atget, and here below is part of his work that he shot street scenes of Paris around 1900.

Hotel de Montmorency – Rue de Montmorency 5, 1900

Marchard d’abat-jour, rue Lepic, 1900

St. Lazare – Fbg. St. Denis 107, 1900

Cour de Rouen – boulevard St. Germain, circa 1900

Hotel de Charost – Pauline Borghese – Ambassade d’Angleterre 39 Fbg. St. Honore, 1901

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