36 Fascinating Photos Capture Street Scenes of Europe in the 1960s

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The 1960s is a good period for the economy, helped by the fact that EEC (European Economic Community) countries stop charging custom duties when they trade with each other. They also agree joint control over food production, so that everybody now has enough to eat. May 1968 sees student riots in Paris, and many changes in society and behavior become associated with the ‘68 generation’.

These fascinating color photos were found by Dean Avants that show what Europe looked like in the 1960s.
Three ladies crossing the street in Paris, France, circa 1960

Apartment building, Madrid, Spain, 1961

Boat on canal, Amsterdam, Netherlands,  1961

Boy and donkey in last place at race, Torrejon AFB, Madrid, Spain, 1961

Buckingham Palace, London, England, 1961

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