35 Color Snaps Capture Everyday Life of Concepción, Chile in the 1980s

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Concepción is a city in central Chile and the core of the commune and metropolitan area of Greater Concepción, the country’s second largest urban conurbation. It has a significant impact on domestic trade being part of the most heavily industrialized region in the country.

Its location is in the called Zona Centro Sur (Central South Zone), in the geographic center of the country, and it is the capital of the Concepción Province and Bío Bío Region. It sits about 500 km south of Santiago, the country’s capital.

Greater Concepción (Gran Concepción, including Talcahuano, San Pedro de la Paz, Hualpén, Chiguayante, Penco, Tomé, Lota, Coronel, Hualqui and Concepción) is the second-largest conurbation in the country.

These fascinating color pics were taken by Michael G Spafford that show everyday life of Concepción, Chile in 1983 and 1985.

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