35 Amazing Photos of the Moscow Metro in 1935

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The Moscow metro consists of 12 lines and 180 stations. The first line was opened in 1935, and at the outbreak of World War II, it consisted of three lines.

The Moscow metro has since been expanded several times, and in 2003 the network gained its current reach. It consists primarily of through lines, in addition to line 5, a ring lane that binds most lanes together so that more than two transitions are rarely needed.

The Moksva metro is perhaps the world’s most developed metro, and is the metro in the world that moves the most people during the year.

Here below is a set of amazing photos from Municipal Archives of Trondheim that shows the Moscow metro around 1935.

Moscow, subway station Sokolniki, circa 1935

Moscow, Lenin Library subway station, circa 1935

Moscow, entrance to the Crimean Square subway station, circa 1935

Moscow, escalator at the Red Gates subway station, circa 1935

Moscow, Kirovskaya subway station, vestibule, circa 1935

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