33 Amazing Vintage Posters Designed by Marcello Dudovich

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Born 1878 in Trieste, Italian painter, illustrator, and poster designer Marcello Dudovich relocated from Trieste to Milan in 1897 after attending a professional art school. In 1899, he transferred to Bologna, working here for the publisher Edmondo Chappuis, designing billboards, book covers and illustrations for publications such as Italia Ride in 1900 e Fantasio in 1902. Here he met Elisa Bucchi, his future wife.

Posters designed by Marcello Dudovich
In 1900, Dudovich won the “Gold Medal” at the Paris World Fair. He designed some of his well-known posters, including “Mele di Napoli” (Apples from Naples) and “Borsalino”. In the 1920s he made several posters for the Milan department store, La Rinascente, and in 1922 he was appointed artistic director of “Igap”.
In 1930, he designed a prominent poster for Pirelli. After the Second World War he moved away from the world of commercial art, concentrating instead on his painting.
Marcello Dudovich died in Milan from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1962. He is celebrated as one of Italy’s greatest poster artists. Here below is a set of amazing vintage posters designed by Marcello Dudovich in the early 20th century.
E. & A. Mele & Ci., Napoli, Novità Estive, circa 1900s

Federazione Italiana, Inchiostri da Scrivere, circa 1900s

Mele & Ci, Napoli, circa 1900s

“Rapid”, Nuovi Inchiostri da Scrivere Sopraffini, circa 1900s

Bitter Campari, Milano, 1900

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