30 Cool Pics Defined Fashion Trend of Young Women in the 1990s

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Women’s fashion in the 1990s is very distinct. While not quite as loud as the eighties, the nineties took that attitude and tried to be a little smarter and a little classier. Sometimes designers succeeded, sometimes they didn’t.

While the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s are famous for their iconic fashion trends, the ’90s are known for the exact opposite reason. The 1990s women’s fashion with hip-hugger jeans, pleated minis and crop tops popping to mind.

Take a look at these cool pics from Steven Martin to see the fashion trend of young women from the 1990s.

Group at seawall, West Palm Beach, July 4, 1990

Reclining girl, Lake Worth Beach, 1990

Three girls in restaurant, circa 1990

Girl leaping in yard, circa 1990

Girl by Honda Accord LX, Texas, 1991

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