22 Beautiful Pics of a Wedding in Oakland, California in the Late 1960s

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Here is a beautiful photo collection from Delina (known as Pixel Packing Mama on Flickr) that shows the wedding of her and John Joseph Carroll, a U. S. Marine, and he was at this time (1969) a Patrolman for the Oakland Police Department in Oakland, California, January 25, 1969.

“I was married 50 years ago. John and I had a beautiful wedding and 2 wonderful children, but the marriage did not last but 7 years. Then John died in 1992, but I was not a widow, because we were already divorced. He never got to meet Anna Leigh, but he would be one of her two grandfathers. My mother would be Anna Leigh’s great grandmother.”

Me as a bride, my Dad holding antique parasol, beautiful balcony above, 2 Cadillac Limousines, one showing more than the other, January 25, 1969

Me as a young bride and my father is getting ready to walk me down the aisle at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Oakland, California, January 25, 1969

Back when they still threw rice, January 25, 1969

It’s hard to stop a train, January 25, 1969

John Joseph Carroll, January 25, 1969

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