Vintage Portraits of Iranian Beauty Queens From Miss Iran Pageants From 1965 to 1978

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The Miss Iran Pageant was formally started by Zan-e Rooz Magazine in 1965. The teen beauty pageant was scrapped after the revolution for obvious reasons. The former regime aimed at portraying Iran as a modern state and open to the world.

Although most Iranians were traditional, conservative and resistant to change. The beauty pageants and the women’s sports program were part of the emancipation process. It was a very small step but many teenage girls and women benefited from these programs.

The government created safe havens in some areas of the biggest cities (i.e northern Tehran, affluent suburbs of Shiraz etc.) and encouraged modernity. Young women mimicked the clothing and hairstyles of Farah Pahlavi. She herself was made up and posed to look like Audrey Hepburn. Foreign press was permitted only to make reports about this segment of the society. Of course, this was neither a complete nor a true picture of Iranian society.

Sima Izadjou – 1965

Mitra Nikanpour – 1966

Shahla Vahabzadeh – 1967

Elaheh Azodi – 1968

Rita Jebelli – 1969

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