Vibrant Vintage Photos of NYC Gay Pride in the ‘70s

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Pride was born with the liberation of Christopher Street after the chaotic Stonewall rebellion on the morning of June 28, 1969, a historic event that was followed by a decade of rebellion, activism, and visibility. An event as a statement of identity and a call to action, from then on it has always wavered between celebration and demonstration. Take a look back at the pride march of New York City’s LGBT community back in the 1970s:

A pair of shirtless men as they walk, arm in arm, during the first Stonewall anniversary march, 1970. (Fred W. McDarrah)

A man holds a ‘Gay Pride’ sign during the 1st Stonewall anniversary march, 1970. (Fred W. McDarrah)

A woman holds a large sign that reads ‘I am a lesbian and I am beautiful’ during the 1st Gay Liberation Day march, 1970. (Fred W. McDarrah)

Gay liberation movement in Central Park, 1970. (Leonard Freed)

Following the Christopher Street Liberation Day March, a couple kiss in Central Park, 1970. (Fred W. McDarrah)

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