These Two Women Demonstrate How to Turn This Sidecar in to a Small Caravan With Two Beds in 1958

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These remarkable photographs were taken in the UK in 1958 as two women enjoyed a weekend away staying in a sidecar-cum-caravan during the British summer. The incredible images show the two friends on a motorbike and sidecar as they begin to transform the sidecar into their accommodation for the night.

What could be easier when the British weather turns to summer than stopping along a roadside and setting up camp, just like these two friends. The transformation from sidecar to caravan begins, with everything you need neatly hidden in various compartments. The motorcycle is a Panther Model 120, 650cc single cylinder engine.
The young women start by removing the roof of the sidecar. The motorcycle comes in handy as a step ladder to secure the roof of the caravan. The transformation is complete, so the young women can relax, inside their compact caravan…

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