These Festive 42-Inch Hairdos Decorated With Tinsel and Ornaments in 1962

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Two young women display their holiday hairdos, each with 42-inch hair decorated with tinsel and ornaments. Claudette Ackrich’s hair is decorated with tinsel, and Giselle Roc’s hairstyle consists of Christmas tree balls. Both women have never had their hair cut.

These hairdos are done with real hair, decorated with Christmas tinsel and ornaments. Each of the girls has 42 inch hair that has never been cut. Hair is wound around florist’s “topiary tree” (this is a straw pyramid used to train vines into ornamental shapes) not chicken wire, which is normally used in such concoctions. Hair must be thick and heavy in order to lend itself to winding around the wicker canes.

(Photos: Bettmann/Getty Images)

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