These Continuity Polaroids Offer a Glimpse Into an Unused Scene From ‘The Shining’

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Stanley Kubrick shot countless Polaroids during the production of The Shining, both to test lighting and for tracking continuity. Director of Photography John Alcott’s camera was calibrated to match the 35mm film stock they were using, and these Polaroids gave them an accurate sense of relative light levels.

Actor Jack Nicholson relaxes between takes on the set of The Shining, joined by director Stanley Kubrick, in this production continuity Polaroid.

This image was photographed during an early lighting test on the set of Hallorann’s Florida bedroom. Kubrick can be seen lying on the bed, studying another Polaroid. Standing next to the bed is Camera Assistant Douglas Milsome. This photo also reflects an early version of the set dressing. In the finished film, a different television set was used, and it was flanked by a pair of table lamps. The mirror was ultimately replaced by the infamous Supernatural Dream poster. (Photo courtesy Zack Winestine)

Vivian Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick’s seventeen-year-old daughter, standing on the Caretaker’s Apartment set of The Shining. Vivian filmed nearly sixty hours of behind-the-scenes footage during the production, some of which ended up being used in her documentary on the making of the film. (Photo courtesy Beth Butler, who was John Alcott’s lighting assistant on The Shining)

Lighting test Polaroid from the production of The Shining. These black and white Polaroids were shot to test lighting setups and aperture settings prior to filming. In this photo, Lighting Assistant Beth Butler stands in for Shelley Duvall, for the scene where Wendy brings Jack breakfast in bed. (Photo courtesy Beth Butler)

Continuity Polaroid of Danny’s “REDRUM” writing in lipstick on the bathroom door from The Shining.

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