These Awkward Christian Music Album Covers Will Make You Think That You’ve Died and Went to Hell!

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Christian music grew very much in popularity in the late 1960s and early ’70s, when Christian music bands started appearing out of nowhere. Sure, their message of love and peace could be considered somehow useful, but the creepy way they implemented it made you want to run as far away from Christian gatherings as possible.

From ‘The Reverend in Rhythm’, to ‘Hot Line To Heaven’, any song or album names were possible. The creepiest, the better. Depending on how dorky the people on the music cover looked like, you could easily sense that some of these people were going through some serious stuff at the time.

Some of these Christian music covers are so shocking, you’ll be scarred for life and what was once seen, can’t never be unseen. Just imagine a music album cover with a picture of a little boy and the words ‘He Touched Me’ written next to him… Weird right?

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