Sweet Photos of Cary Grant and Randolph Scott Together

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In the 1930s, rumours spread fast that two very handsome Hollywood heartthrobs at the time, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott, were in a romantic relationship. But was it true, when Hollywood of that period was run by the strict studio system? With their public and personal life always got arranged by the studio, these leading men were, undoubtedly, never granted the rights to have their own homosexual relationships in plain sight.

They were said to first meet in 1932, on the set of the Paramount drama Hot Saturday, on which they immediately got along well with each other. Soon they began living together, sharing a Santa Monica beach house, which was jokingly known as “Bachelor Hall,” and a mansion in Los Feliz. For nearly 12 years, they lived together from time to time. There were also various reports of attractive and beautiful women repeatedly passing in and out of their house, though it was said that they were all made up by the studios.

Carole Lombard, the pair’s mutual friend, once quipped, “Their relationship is perfect. Randy pays the bills, and Cary mails them.” American fashion critic Richard Blackwell claimed in his memoir that they were “deeply, madly in love, their devotion complete” during his months living with them. However, Jennifer Grant, daughter of the two-time Oscar nominee, wrote in her memoir that, “Dad somewhat enjoyed being called gay. He said it made women want to prove the assertion wrong.”

By the mid-1940s, the pair were no longer living together. It was rumoured that their parting came from constant pressure from the studio heads to protect their image. Nonetheless, Grant and Scott still remained extremely close throughout their lives.

Here are some photos capturing the two of them together:

1933. Chocolate birthday cake for both Cary Grant and Randolph Scott from Nancy Carroll on the Paramount set.

November 24, 1933. Cary Grant, Randolph Scott and Virginia Cherrill aboard the SS Pars on its arrival at Plymouth, England.

1935. A servant pouring tea for the actors in their house.

1935. Grant and Scott doing their daily activities in their house.

1935. Grant and Scott doing their daily activities in their house.

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