Stunning Photos of Tokyo and Yokosuka From the Late 1970s to Early 1980s Taken by Greg Girard

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The photographs in this collection are about the Tokyo that Greg Girard was living in from 1976-1983. It would be some years later before he started making a living as a magazine photographer and many years after that before he started to consider his early, mostly unpublished, work from Japan as significant. 
These photographs are the result of the decision made by a then 20-year-old Girard and the momentum from that first impression which turned him loose in a city that he never tired of photographing, both during the years he lived there and on subsequent visits.
Take a look back at Tokyo and Yokosuka through these 19 stunning pictures:

Shibuya crossing, 1976

Kabukicho, 1976

Saint Louis Bar, Yokosuka, 1976

Club Apollo, Yokosuka, 1976

Man with eyepatch, Yokosuka, 1976

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